AT Internet, a global leader in digital intelligence and Ensighten, the leading global omni-channel data and tag management provider and company behind the Agile Marketing Platform, have today announced a partnership. This will allow marketers to fully access their data and give them the ability to act on insights in real time and implementation tags faster.

Oliver Jüttner, managing director at Media Decision, the globally renowned marketing agency that takes advantage of the joint solution offered by AT Internet and Ensighten, commented: “By leveraging the attribution technology from Ensighten (formerly via TagMan), we can pull the data from Ensighten and AT Internet for data-driven, real-time programmatic buying. This enables us to use first-party data and insight to better target our clients’ user experience.”

Marketers deploying AT Internet’s analytics solution through Ensighten Manage™ will find the following benefits:
1. Faster tag implementation: Marketers that deploy AT Internet’s analytics solution through Ensighten Manage can implement AT Internet tags up to 75% faster than when hard coding them on their website.

2. Better quality data: Ensighten’s unique hybrid-tagging architecture ensures the AT Internet’s analytics tag fires as soon as the page starts to load, which improves the quality and accuracy of the customer data collected. Even if the customer quickly moves to another page, marketers can be sure the data they are capturing is comprehensive and exact.

3. Agile tagging changes: As digital priorities evolve, marketers may want to make tagging changes within the AT Internet solution. Ensighten Manage allows marketers to make agile tagging changes outside the confines of IT deployment cycles, ensuring maximum ROI from AT Internet no matter how website tagging may evolve.

4. Data activation: While AT Internet collects comprehensive customer and visitor data, the Ensighten Data Layer unifies data from different technologies and digital touch points, allowing marketers to act on data in real time – when a customer is most likely to engage and convert.

Wolfgang Allisat, SVP International at Ensighten, commented: “Marketers are under more pressure than ever before to boost conversion rates, revenue, and market share by delivering personalised 1:1 experiences to all customer segments across all digital touchpoints. Customer data is foundational to effective personalised marketing, which is why AT Internet and Ensighten have partnered to deliver an agile analytics solution for marketers.”

“Analytics is the backbone of effective digital marketing, but in order to maximise this opportunity marketers need to be able to activate rich customer data and act on it in real time. The combination of AT Internet and Ensighten technologies can afford marketers this agility, leading to personalised interactions with consumers anytime, anywhere – resulting in huge ROI uplift,” continued Jean-Baptiste Roux, Vice President of Sales at AT Internet.