The sheer range of social data available to marketers has been put under the spotlight by a new ad segmentation tool.

Social media monitoring firm NetBase is hoping to revolutionise the way consumer data from sites such as Facebook and Twitter informs advertising by delving deep into the information on offer.

The company has lifted the lid on Audience Marketing, a tool which scans social profiles for “immensely personal” details such as gender, geography, interests and even emotions.

NetBase’s system is capable of processing billions of social media posts daily and can be linked up to the company’s micro@scale ad solution to create highly personalised messages.   

Opportunities galore

As well as looking into basic information such as their gender and current location, the company’s new tool provides a brief analysis of people’s needs, cravings and wishes. Audience Marketing can also summarise a user’s current position in life by keeping an eye out for mentions of events like pregnancy, employment and retirement.

Then, after gathering what they need, marketers can then use NetBase’s array of social publishing tools to push customised messages out to their desired recipients.

Pernille Bruun-Jensen, chief marketing officer at NetBase, believes Audience Marketing delivers “unparalleled social analytics capabilities” which can be leveraged by companies in every industry vertical.    

Social segmentation

Although NetBase has been keen to stress some of the capabilities of Audience Marketing, the idea of using social data to power ad campaigns is far from new.

Advertising in general is becoming all the more data-driven and social networks are currently being touted as a hotbed for brands looking to gain insights on their customers.

Audience Marketing is currently in its beta stage and available to a select number of NetBase’s customers and partners.