From the ‘Your Week in Performance Marketing’ Newsletter


It was only been a four day working week for those of us in the UK, but it did not reflect on the quality of content at PerformanceIN, with a wealth of articles embodying the expert knowledge, forward thinking and thought leadership of our friends in the industry.

Right for everybody?

We began the week with INsider Questions featuring R.O.EYE’s managing director Gavin Male, who offered what he believes are some of the more important questions companies should ask before making the move into affiliate marketing.

One company that has been steadfast in its decision to remain a non-affiliate and more or less offline entirely is European clothing retailer Primark. Despite reports that the high street is suffering, the company recently reported a 22% jump in its quarterly sales, leading Rakuten’s Nick Fletcher to question whether the fashion-on-a-shoestring franchise is missing a trick.

Across the Pond

Knowing your customers on an individual level has never been more important to your strategy, according to SundaySky’s Deirdre Mills, but it is a fine balance between consumer data protection and customer personalisation, and Mills argues that the US and UK are sitting on two different ends of the scale.

Matthew Wool of New York based Acceleration Partners drew attention to some of the most notable differences between the network landscapes of North America and Canada, exploring how the verticals, geography and various capabilities vary between the countries. 

Platforms and Placement

Social media is showing itself to be one of the best options for advertisers based on findings by real-time information and analytics firm Neustar, who reasoned that this trend could be down to the growing use of efficient demand-side platforms (DSP) to access social impressions on exchanges.

Meanwhile, Apple has announced a number of new ad formats for its iOS mobile operating system as part of the iAd platform, which include full-screen interstitial banners set out to mimic regular content pages between two sections of an app. Initially less intrusive than its pre existing competitors’, Apple now offers 15, 30 and 60 second variants of the product.

Boardroom Business

Tom Triscari, chief executive of programmatic solutions service Yieldr offered us a glimpse into a day in the life of his leading role, which recently made a strategic move into Barcelona in order to ‘attack eight markets from one location’.  

Representing arguably the largest performance marketing presence in Europe, Stefanie Lüdecke, chief sales officer of zanox, imparted some sage advice on targeting distinct client groups, citing the continued success of the strategy within her own company as reason enough to adopt similar models.

With performance-based marketing and advertising offering such high ROI, it is no surprise that CMOs are leaving traditional models by the wayside in favour of newer alternative methods. While this is great news, PerformanceIN spoke to a handful of industry leading UK companies to determine how wasted ad spend can be eradicated altogether in the future.