The vast majority of consumers view discounts as the number one benefit of signing up to a company’s email service, according to new research.

Insights courtesy of email marketing provider BlueHornet Networks shows that over 80% of subscribers pledge their support in exchange for appealing rates on goods and services.

Indeed, a reduced price is the most preferred form of discount in the eyes of all email users. There are certain preferences among age groups, though, as 18-45 year olds declared a need for ‘percentage off’ coupons, while free shipping proved popular among 46-75 year olds.

Consumers lay out provisos

The study also revealed a number of interesting points for brands to bear in mind when offering these discounts, as not all consumers see them as a reward mechanism.

Although 45% of the group said they would typically delay a purchase in the hope of securing a discount, the fact that over half would buy at full-price rates stressed the point that discounts are a ‘nice to have’ as opposed to a ‘must have’.

What consumers will not tolerate is a lack of optimisation for messages received via mobile device. A resounding 87% of the group said they would either delete or unsubscribe altogether if their mobile messages did not display properly.

With 38% of the survey’s participants claiming to have used a mobile coupon provided by a branded email, the onus will be on the sender to ensure that all of their content is legible on tablet and smartphone.

Overall there is a general acceptance for emails sent by brands, as highlighted by the 70% of consumers who preferred to connect with companies via the channel over text message.