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Last Week in Performance Marketing - 11th August

Last Week in Performance Marketing - 11th August


From the 'Your Week in Performance Marketing' Newsletter


Programmatic, programmatic, programmatic..

We opened the floor last week with another poll on whether ‘programmatic’ is just another buzzword for reinventing display retargeting, and the results are out. Do they come as a surprise to you?

Whether you are tired of hearing the word or cannot get enough, it was a busy week for programmatic advertising on PI. Rocket Fuel launched into a few reasons why advertisers can no longer ignore the benefits, with real-time bidding for display ads predicted to accelerate at a growth rate of 59% until 2016. 

Are you reading this on that unwieldy desktop again? Well, consumers are spending more time on their mobile devices and leaving behind larger digital footprints, and it is programmatic that is leading the way in making this data visible, but where are we in deciphering it all?

Still need some convincing on the p-word? Sizmek’s UK MD has cleared up a few of those myths surrounding programmatic, so you should sleep a little easier tonight. One company that does not need convincing is Altitude Digital, having secured $7 million in credit from Silicon Valley Bank to throw at their programmatic supply-side platform.

Making the right moves on social

PI reporter Rich was supposed to have been writing this newsletter, but he must have put all his energy into this brilliant feature which sheds light on the mysterious mistress that is social media - exploring how to ultimately convert your fans and follows into sales. He is now having a well-earned holiday.

Valiantly ensuring there are as few mysteries as possible, Facebook has made cross-device conversion reporting available, allowing you to see how many users clicked an ad on one device before making a purchase on another. 

And in the UK at least, a third of employees admitted to a spot of online shopping at their desk during office hours, which goes some way to explaining why online sales growth nearly equalled that of the highstreet in the last three months.

I’m CEO..

We had some stateside observations from Ensighten’s president Dan Dal Degan, who believes that the relationship between CIOs and CMOs is in need of some serious tinkering. He predicted that by 2017 marketing execs will be spending more on tech than the guys in the IT department.

Yieldify’s CEO Jay Radia joined us for some advice on how to start a successful company. (Spoiler: Keep trying, Yieldify was his fourteenth business idea). Sadly, he would not tell us what his book is called. We also spoke to CloudSense chief exec Richard Britton, who explained how his full-service consultancy is a leader the cloud game.

Keep your eye on these UK data-driven startups in this month’s Ones to Watch, and be sure to get in touch if you know of any that are worthy of featuring in the series. 

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Mark  Jones

Mark Jones

Mark manages all aspects of editorial on PerformanceIN as the company's Head of Content, including reporting on the fast-paced world of digital marketing and curating the site’s network of expert industry contributions.

Going by the ethos that there is no 'jack-of-all-trades' in performance marketing, only experts within their field, Mark’s day-to-day aim is to provide an engaging platform for members to learn and question one another, helping to push the industry forward as a result.

Originally from Plymouth, Mark studied in Reading and London, eventually earning his Master's in Digital Journalism- before making his return to the West Country to join the PI team in Bristol.

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