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TokenAds Gets Player-Friendly with New Game Monetisation Software
Image Credit Wilhelm Joys Andersen Creative Commons license

TokenAds Gets Player-Friendly with New Game Monetisation Software


Being able to tailor in-game ad content to a user’s tastes and interests is one thing, but doing it to suit the way they play is another proposition entirely.

One company looking to make strides in this new way of user targeting is TokenAds, its dynamic mind-set advertising (DMA) software can analyse a player’s in-game characteristics and use the data to deliver personalised ad experiences.   

Going by the name of Woobi, the service enables advertisers to connect with players of web, social and mobile titles at the best possible opportunities by tuning itself into their unique game flow. TokenAds says it provides a more engaged audience for the brand and a better experience for the gamer.

With in-game advertising predicted to reach a worth of $2.67 billion by 2017, such solutions could prove paramount as app developers look for the best ways of monetising their products.

Limited disruption

TokenAds’ new offering is aimed at helping brands capitalise on rapid growth in downloads of online games.  

Stemming from the company’s offices in London and Tel-Aviv, the product works off a DMA algorithm capable that gleans information from the user’s current mindset as well as their demographic and ‘engagement depth’.

This data is then used to provide each gamer with the right ad content at the most appropriate times, subsequently adding - rather than subtracting - value from their experience.

Chaya Soggot, CEO and co-founder at TokenAds, described Woobi as a “game changer” for the advertisers looking to target online players.

“Our unique technology blends into the game and adds value at the optimal timing, benefiting game publishers, advertisers and gamers,” she added.

The company believes this new way of targeting could even help change certain perceptions of in-game advertising, transforming it from “clutter” to “valuable service”.

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Richard Towey

Richard Towey

    Richard is a former head of content at PerformanceIN. After many years spent covering developments from the automotive, sports, travel and finance sectors, he eventually turned his full attention to reporting on stories from the fast-evolving world of digital marketing. 

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