Brands wishing for a less intrusive way of targeting users based on the devices they own have seen their calls answered by multi-screen tech provider Crosswise.

The company has been working hard at its Tel-Aviv HQ in an effort to provide a new ID service which can link internet-enabled devices to a user without having to trawl through their personal information.

As the need for ad targeting amplifies, Crosswise has premiered a solution which utilises non-personally identifiable data to track details about each user’s device, right down to the brand and model.

Crosswise’s flagship technology is expected to provide uses for demand side platforms (DSPs), affiliate marketers, retargeting specialists and many more, delivering huge benefits in ad measurement, attribution and targeting.

Data gathering, minus the conflict of interest

A release from the company states that clients will benefit from the industry’s “most comprehensive data set” in their attempts to target users based on device.

Its standalone ID recognition service gives advertisers the chance to gather data on their users through machine learning and proprietary algorithms, with all sources receiving a quality score based on accuracy.

Just for an added layer of protection, all of the information is compliant with industry privacy standards and does not contain any personally identifiable data.

Crosswise CEO and co-founder Steve Glanz says the solution provides piece of mind by eliminating any sense of media bias.

“In the same way that targeting data can be purchased without media from companies like eXelate and BlueKai, ad tech companies should be able to purchase cross-device data from a company that is not also a competitor,” he commented.

“Until now, that wasn’t possible.”

Early beginnings

Despite only being in operation for less than a year, the company now provides data services to a number of high-profile operations.

Clients include ad-targeting provider myThings, mobile software group Conduit as well as the Facebook-owned money-saving service Onavo and AOL-controlled marketing optimisation platform Convertro.

Crosswise’s recent activity has been supported with $2 million worth of funding delivered by Giza Venture, Capital Horizons Ventures and OurCrowd.