Acxiom®, an enterprise data, analytics and software-as-a-service company, today announced that Carrefour Media, advertising arm of the Carrefour group, has chosen its Audience Operating System™ (AOS™) to help maximise the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. AOS will enable the connection of disparate sources of online and offline data within Carrefour supermarkets to aid the giant retailer optimise their ad investment. This pioneering approach will put Carrefour’s CRM data at the heart of a secure and anonymous environment. AOS’ cutting-edge technology will consolidate data from several enterprise touch points –CRM, Media, supermarket—and enable management of all interactions across all channels via a single platform. This solution will allow Carrefour to monetise all of its marketing data while providing a more personalised brand experience to purchase in store or online. Carrefour’s partners will also benefit from the deep insights on consumers, offering more contextualised offers and leveraging unequalled campaign analysis and performance tools. “We have been thinking of building a new market to allow our partners to access our marketing data in a privacy friendly way for 2 years”, said Jean-François Pagnoux, Head of Marketing, Carrefour Media. “The deployment of AOS within Carrefour Media will drive the optimisation of our media buying, the monetisation of our audiences and the improvement of consumers’ engagement with the Carrefour brand. Incredibly innovative, this cutting edge technology focused on the measurement of marketing activities also guarantees the optimal protection of data in a secure environment.” “Acxiom’s Vihan Sharma, Managing Director Acxiom France added “It’s a new day for targeted advertising and its relevance to consumers. AOS enables the ingestion, analysis and management of all types of interactions between brands and consumers and will bring an in-depth knowledge of individuals. As a trusted third-party, Acxiom will leverage its secure AOS environment which processes consumer information in an anonymous fashion and respects the commitment of the two partners to consumer data protection. We are proud to collaborate with Carrefour Media to deploy the first AOS platform in Europe.”