After seeing early success with its ventures into Australia, South East Asia, Poland and India,  UK-based performance marketing agency Online Media Group (OMG) has spoken to PerformanceIN about its plans to become a key global player over the next five years.

Founded in 1999, the company has grown to boast operations in Europe, Asia Pacific and South America, providing performance marketing services to over 200 brands worldwide.

Following its seventh placing in the Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200 – a list for the fastest growing British companies in terms of overseas sales – OMG announced a 144% lift in revenue between 2011-2013, from £0.7 million to £4.0 million.

CEO and founder Richard Syme says part of the growth can be attributed to the company’s expansion into new markets and forecasts plenty more globetrotting for 2014 and beyond.

Plans for expansion

Syme believes another launch of OMG’s offering abroad could take place as soon as next year, but there will still be considerable focus applied to business in markets that have already shown signs of promise.

“Our 144% has been achieved primarily from the development of our Polish and Indian businesses with some growth from Australia and South East Asia, although these were only launched part way through our 2013 financial year.

“Our current structure gives us hubs in Eastern Europe, Asia and South America, currently some of the fastest growing regions. We are targeting growth within those regions as well as looking to add another hub in the next 12 months.”

The company claims to have made “significant progress” in these markets as well as in Brazil, where it expects to see continued growth after launching in November 2013.

UK still important

Despite finding success in foreign territories, OMG is still very much focused on business at its headquarters in Norwich. The company has even used some of its international experience to good effect, taking insights gleaned from its foreign operations and applying them to the development of global products.

Syme claims this was the approach taken in the development of OMG Leads – a soon-to-be released technology which helps companies better manage their lead generation campaigns.

“We have worked closely with our team in Poland, who are very active in the lead space, to develop an international platform that we are about to launch in the UK and the rest of the group,” he commented.

“It has been really exciting to pull the team together from different markets and see what we can achieve collectively across the group.”