Advertisers on WooCommerce’s online shopping platform are able to offer cash to customers that promote their brand via social media.

The popular WordPress plugin has signed an agreement with social commerce platform Social Rebate, which allows companies to trade cash for coverage with people on the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

Social-rewarding platforms have experienced a huge amount of growth over the last year as both the concept and technology begin to show signs of maturing.

Customer rewards

Social Rebate’s own web plugin works on the basis that product recommendations from friends and family carry a significant amount of pull with consumers, mainly due to the element of trust involved.

In a typical scenario, customers are presented with the option of being refunded some of the money they spent on a purchase through sharing various forms of marketing on social networks.  

The cashback process is instant, and the more they spend, the more they earn.

Brands using WooCommerce can now offer their customers a similar service, and Social Rebate CEO Tom Larkin believes this is a step in the right direction for the service.

“We have been able to help many small and medium-sized businesses profitably grow through our platform, and now the vast number of businesses using WooCommerce will be able to do the same,” he commented.