A personalised approach has been cited as the key to unlocking the potential of display advertising, with customisation causing clickthrough rates to soar.

Sq1, an ad-tech agency based in the US, has released a new infographic which demonstrates the benefits of using personalisation to get closer to an audience.

Readings from the image suggest that most advertisers could do with utilising personalisation for their own advantage. Yet Sq1 believes some of the biggest gains are had by e-retailers, that can use display advertising as a doorway to their online stores.  


In one of the more striking takeaways from the infographic, SQ1 claimed that personalised display ads perform much better than regular placements. Specifically, these forms were found to be returning clickthrough rates 10 times higher than generic displays.

The infographic also shows that 77% of shoppers will add an extra item to their baskets if they are presented with personalised shopping recommendations. Not only this, 43% are more likely to opt for a retailer that offers this service, with 56% returning to a site that offers as much.

Sq1 highlights that personalised shopping experiences can trigger a 300% improvement in a customer’s ‘lifetime value’, translating to a 25% lift in sales. However, other findings show the value of personalisation should not be weighed solely in monetary terms.

Data gathering

According to the image, companies should use personalisation as a way of gleaning more information from their customers.

A total of three in four shoppers say they would be prepared to share information with a company that offers personalised shopping experiences, with this data possibly being used to create more opportunities for customisation in the future.  

Over a third also said they would be loyal to a brand that boasted personalised shopping on their online sites.

For more insights from Sq1, check the infographic below.