Trapit’s content delivery platform for publishers will now make it easier for organisations to sift through key metrics like ROI thanks to a raft of new updates.

Now available to business users, a so-called ‘3D storytelling’ tool allows readers to discover the “knowledge that matters” by delivering highly relevant content to the sites they visit.

While Trapit has an award-winning app for helping consumers source media that caters for their interests and tastes, the service’s developers have decided to focus on its commercial counterpart with their latest improvements.    

Ease of use

In an effort to attract even more marketers, agencies and publishers to the service, changes to the commercial app include a redesign of its interface to aid navigation.

Users should see plenty of nods towards the consumer app, with several aspects of its design being carried over to the commercial program. Representatives from the company hope this will make it easier for users to not only select the content they need and share it across the web, but also access key stats like content ROI.

Tailor made

Henry Nothhaft Jr, co-founder and chief product officer at Trapit, believes his system is serving both publishers and readers in the correct manner.

“Content marketing services lack the breadth and depth of sources, or they simply bundle feeds with no regard for quality or relevance,” he commented.

“Trapit gives a curator all the information and tools in a single browser window.”    

The new changes will soon come under the examination of Deloitte, Astro Consumer Entertainment Group and Beamly, all of which are clients of Trapit.