Firstdate encourages affiliates globally, putting them ahead of their competitors with highly competitive commision rates

Who: Firstdate

Name: Mikk Lilo


In which countries is Firstdate active?

Sweden, Denmark and Norway are our core markets, but we also accept traffic from Finland and Iceland.

 What are some developments that Firstdate have seen this year that put them ahead of their competitors?

As you might know, Facebook has prohibited affiliates to advertise dating services unless they are whitelisted by Facebook, which has had a big impact on dating affiliates. Firstdate is one of the few dating sites that has been whitelisted by Facebook and is allowed to run dating ads. 

Firstdate has a dedicated team to help our affiliates to be successful. For example, we help our affiliates with translations, improving their landing pages, ad creatives and anything else they might need to do a good job and be profitable. We also run a massive TV campaign in all Scandinavian countries which improves the conversion rate significantly.

What resources/commission does Firstdate offer it’s affiliates?

Firstdate is currently offering a generous commission of $25 usd per lead for all free sign-ups – this is the highest rate in the dating industry! We also run publisher competitions regularly so the affiliates can earn even more if they scale their traffic.

Does the affiliate need to be familiar with the Nordic market to run Firstdate offer successfully?

Absolutely not. In fact, our best affiliates are located outside of the Nordic region and we are extremely happy with the traffic they deliver to us.

Are there any exciting developments coming up for Firstdate?

For sure! We have many interesting projects in the making, but I don’t want to reveal them before everything is ready. It is a good idea to join our affiliate program at to be up to date with all our recent news.