Danubius Hotels Group, with over 45 health spa, wellness and city hotels across Europe, has appointed specialist performance marketing company AffiliRed (www.affilired.com) to manage a highly targeted advertising campaign through its affiliate partners.

The Danubius Hotels Group (www.danubiushotels.com) is one of Europe’s most significant hotel enterprises with resorts in the UK and popular destinations across Eastern Europe. It will be using AffiliRed to manage an affiliate programme that will deliver a highly targeted advertising campaign created to increase the Group’s online presence and augment sales across Europe.

AffiliRed, which specialises in performance marketing for the travel and tourism sector, will be targeting key European territories. The company will develop an aggressive strategy designed to raise brand awareness and grow the market share that online contributes to business revenue.

Zoltán Bogár, Group Director of Revenue Management & Distribution of Danubius Hotels said:

“AffiliRed will be leading the development of our performance marketing programme by securing excellent placements, giving us access to a range of exciting publishers and helping us to grow market share. We expect the performance marketing to become one of the most important channels this year, to generate direct business via our branded website.”

Diego Gomila , CEO and founder of AffiliRed, said:

This is an extremely exciting campaign to be involved with, especially as Danubius Hotels is a highly respected and trusted European brand. Consumers will see a critical development in the company’s online presence as this campaign rolls out.”