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Bringing Gamification to Voucher Redemption
Image Credit SwipeStation

Bringing Gamification to Voucher Redemption


SwipeStation is the in-venue solution for capturing, handling and redemption of campaigns. It seamlessly bridges the gap between offline and online, offering brands a simple solution for promotion redemption in the real world and adds a fresh twist on marketing. 

For consumers it provides instant on-site redemption and taps into the human desire for instant gratification and gamification. 


Pepsi were eager to leverage SwipeStation to help push themselves as a ‘love brand’ whilst creating a fun campaign that drove sales and repeat footfall.

SwipeStation implemented a ‘Scan-and-See if you’ve won’ concept that gave the customer a coupon with every Pepsi purchase. 

Instant wins included headphones, free drinks and cinema tickets. Some customers won entry into a prize draw. They were assigned a unique ID to enter online; there really was nothing to lose.


The uptake was so successful that in one venue, SwipeStation saw a response rate averaging at 1,500 scans per week (over a 14 week trial). 

Illustrating that the gamification of SwipeStation proved not only flexibility but that consumers are craving that fresh, fun spin over conventional campaigns.

Uplift in Sales

Pepsi tasked SwipeStation to achieve an uplift in Sales of Pepsi by 20% over the pilot period.

From the combined venues, the large Pepsi strike rate (sales vs cinema admissions) increased by 65%.

To drive this home, in the same period in 2012 one of the campaign venues sold around 8,000 large Pepsi’s. With SwipeStation installed this year, the same venue sold just over 15,000 illustrating a 74% increase in sales.

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