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Tradedoubler Seeks Cash Boost to Further Prospects
Image Credit kenteegardin Creative Commons license

Tradedoubler Seeks Cash Boost to Further Prospects


European performance marketing network Tradedoubler has revealed it is investigating the opportunity and potential terms to issue a corporate bond.

In a statement from the Stockholm Stock Exchange-listed firm, it said it is looking into the prospect, in order to ‘to fully capitalise on new and upcoming market opportunities’, as well to achieve a further vigilant and efficient cost structure.

“The company is active in markets which offer good growth opportunities and has recently taken several steps to further intensify efforts to return to profitable growth,” the board statement said.

The security for the bond, for the investors lending Tradedoubler the capital required, is usually the money that the business will earn from future operations, although sometimes business assets are used for collateral too.

Investors will then receive annual interest payments from the company in return for their investment, which will be repaid at a set future date.


Tradedoubler has announced the issue of a bond worth £23 million (SEK 250 million), which will be used for expansion. The unsecured bond will incur 6.75% interest over its five-year course.

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Pippa Chambers

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