London, October 23, 2013 — Teradata Corp. (NYSE: TDC), the leading analytic data platforms, applications and services company, today announced, through its Teradata eCircle division, that it has broadened its offerings for delivering data-driven marketing globally via the cloud through its category-leading Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) suite.

The enhanced offering integrates Teradata eCircle’s cloud-based solutions for Marketing Operations, Campaign Management and Digital Messaging enabling marketers to:

• collect and analyse data-driven insights more quickly;
• manage campaigns and spend;
• design customer interactions centrally, whether digital, in-store or in a call centre;
• continuously engage with customers in consistent, personalised ways; and,
• save time, money and valuable IT and Marketing resources.

Teradata’s cloud-based IMM solution gives marketers the powerful ability to bring together data from across their organisation and take immediate action on those insights. Whether hosted onsite or through Teradata’s secure, private cloud, Teradata’s IMM solution reveals the valuable insights available in customer data so marketers can take action on them on a global scale.

What is Data-Driven Marketing?

Data-driven marketing is the process of collecting and connecting large amounts of online data with traditional offline data, rapidly analysing it, and gaining cross-channel insights about customers. The ability to bring that insight to market quickly via highly personalised marketing campaigns means a more tailored interaction with the customer at their point of need. According to a recent global survey conducted by Teradata eCircle, demand for such capabilities is high, yet enterprise preparedness to execute on data-driven marketing strategies remains low. Specifically, 71 percent of marketers told Teradata eCircle they plan to implement a big data analytics solution for data-driven marketing in the next two years. However, just 18 percent said they currently have a single, integrated view of customer actions, making this foundational step a top priority for future improvement.

These findings are echoed in Gartner Inc.’s Data-Driven Marketing Survey 2013, which states: “A typical analytics tool inventory includes multiple cloud-based tools for Web, social, search engine marketing, advertising and email marketing. Analytics service providers, such as data aggregators, add to the mix. Only a small fraction of organisations have stepped up to the challenge of integrating the analytics processes and tools to get the big picture.” (Gartner Inc., Data-Driven Marketing Survey, 2013. April 9, 2013. ID: G00251531)

By using Teradata eCircle’s cloud-based IMM solutions and services companies can overcome big data chaos to achieve the critical “single view” of their customer, and use the insights the data reveals to build brand and drive sales by providing more relevant, consistent and personalised customer experiences through online or offline campaigns.

Teradata eCircle’s Data-Driven Marketing Delivered in the Cloud

The cornerstone of Teradata’s offering is Teradata eCircle’s industry-leading IMM portfolio. Complete cloud-based delivery of these solutions helps companies unify their marketing end-to-end so they can manage relationships with ease, streamline marketing planning and execution, and deliver solid proof of marketing ROI. The Teradata eCircle IMM portfolio includes:

• Marketing Operations (Planning and Spend Manager, Workflow and Collaboration Manager, and Marketing Asset Manager).
• Campaign Management (Customer Interaction Manager and Real-Time Interaction Manager).
• Digital Marketing (eC-messenger and Media Manager).

The IMM Cloud portfolio includes integration with Teradata Marketing Analytics (Master Data Manager) and complementary third party solutions whether on-premise or in the cloud.

A full complement of cloud services, including data centers in the U.S. and Europe, is also available to enable companies to centralise and distribute marketing insights on a global scale so marketing decision makers can leverage this rapidly streaming intelligence to better engage with customers through faster, more relevant, and more personalised inbound and outbound engagement.

Companies using Teradata eCircle’s data-driven marketing solutions are able to focus more on their business, and less on any IT-related work. “Using a cloud platform approach to enable our marketing execution allows us to spend more time on achieving our business goals and less time worrying about IT infrastructure,” said Katrina Lowe, senior vice president, Global Demand Generation, with Unify, formally Siemens Enterprise Communications.

Cloud customers also benefit from reduced IT spend, accelerated time-to-value, state-of-the-art infrastructure and secure and reliable data access with outstanding performance. With no capital costs for procurement, installation, and hardware, operational expenditures are far less than what is incurred with outsourced or on-premise IT support. Additional benefits include reduced hiring and training costs, and greater staff productivity. Together these benefits stand to help customers achieve lower overall cost of ownership, and faster time to market, by creating an environment that is conducive to data-driven marketing adoption.

“Teradata eCircle’s extensive approach for delivering data-driven marketing globally in the cloud is ideal for large companies that want to streamline their IT infrastructure so they can focus instead on generating revenue through data-driven marketing insights, initiatives and processes,” said Darryl McDonald, president, Teradata eCircle. “Our unique combination of tightly integrated applications and cloud services allows our customers to focus on the power of data-driven marketing to grow their business, while minimising IT-related work.”

Teradata eCircle’s cloud offering for data-driven marketing is a broad, flexible and highly scalable option for extending enterprise customer insight and transforming data into business value. By blending big data analytics and data delivery with global IMM in the cloud, data-driven marketers who select Teradata eCircle gain the unique ability to reach businesses and consumers anywhere, anytime, so they can help their companies increase revenue and gain competitive advantage.

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