Today’s performance marketers have grown familiar with obsessively checking their stats, but making sense of all that data can result in more headache than help. LinkTrust’s new click data features cut through the noise, helping networks and advertisers find meaning through precision reporting and analysis.

With two new reports and the ability to download and export click information, LinkTrust has given affiliate marketers unprecedented insight into their traffic. Whether they’re deciding how to optimize campaigns, the best way to protect business from fraud or just where to focus their attention, these new reports mean LinkTrust users can recognize trends or problems and make important adjustments easily.

“Sure everyone needs click data, but what they really need is to be able to analyze that data,” said Bret Grow, LinkTrust CEO. “With our new reports, LinkTrust clients can see at a glance the most important pieces of information, and then quickly draw conclusions that affect their business. No more waiting around to manipulate click data in Excel to identify your top referrer or affiliate of the day.”

In an increasingly cluttered industry, drawing such conclusions often makes the difference between success and failure. With one look LinkTrust users can now:

-Optimize campaigns for a top referrer’s traffic
-Fight fraud by isolating unwanted traffic from inflating numbers
-Reward top performing affiliates
-Focus more attention on underperforming affiliates
-Review geo-filtered clicks to identify geographic areas with the best and worst traffic
– and more

“Big data is all the rage right now, but many people don’t know what to do with all the information available to them,” said Jeremy Coon, LinkTrust sales and business development. “Our new reports make sense of the data that our clients have available to them – and all at a quick glance.”

With a variety of updates to their affiliate tracking and lead generation platform this year, many of the most successful online advertisers and affiliate networks across the world LinkTrust to power their program. Learn more about these updates at

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