iProspect, has created an Acronym App for budding digital marketers or recent graduates just about to embark on their digital marketing careers. It is a sort of survival guide to help give them an edge as they are thrown head-first into office life, and their heads are spinning with all the crazy acronyms being bandied about.

With all the talk of the UK’s global future competitiveness lying in developing a knowledge or digital economy, a steady stream of informed and skilled digital graduates is vital. Despite the stated importance of digital skills and the rapid growth of the British digital sector, we are consistently told that there is a skills shortage in this area.

In a very tongue in cheek way, we hope this guide will serve to allay some of the fears that many might have of the technical speak in that industry and give them the headstart to become the vital talent that the country needs.

Please see here for a quick view of the app: http://www.iprospect.co.uk/our-world/dma-101