London, October 10, 2013 – myThings, a global leader in customized programmatic ad solutions, announced today that it has been officially certified as an FBX-qualified company – one of the first 20 companies worldwide.

As a qualified company, myThings can serve personalized ads to Facebook’s 1 billion+, highly engaged members via a real time bidding mechanism. FBX ad inventory includes Facebook’s right-hand side in addition to the newsfeed – one of the most valuable sources of inventory on the web.

myThings is already running right-hand side retargeting campaigns for over 400 leading advertisers such as Adidas, McAfee, Microsoft, Very, Littlewoods, Nelly, Dafiti and Yves Rocher. According to a myThings study on FBX’s unique reach, the company has found that as much as 31% of all users seen online can only be reached on FBX. Furthermore, when comparing the performance of FBX to nearly all of myThings’ other RTB traffic sources, there was a 50% lower eCPA (effective cost per acquisition) while the post click conversion rate was 50% higher.

By injecting its own wealth of data and real time programmatic capabilities into the exchange, myThings innovative retargeting technology leverages the best of what FBX has to offer, providing advertisers with the following unique benefits:

1) Pinpoint targeting on Facebook via customized, business-driven segmentation: The key to driving incremental sales from FBX campaigns is centered on myThings’ ability to segment according to unique advertiser goals including recruitment, reactivation, demand generation, high value categories and branding. Once defined, each granular segment can become a campaign of its own with unique pricing, creative, messaging and sequence.

2) Extended access to FBX campaign data: myThings provides advertisers with segment-level audience transparency so they can understand their audience’s FBX performance patterns and take informed actions across all marketing channels. Additionally, myThings provides its customers with channel-wide marketing transparency via a complimentary access to Tagman’s multi-attribution analysis suite (VIS).

3) Maximal flexibility of Facebook ads via proprietary FBX ad creator: Provides multiple options to customize messaging on Facebook. For example, the creator is able to combine dynamic and static text, showing users a general message with the actual product they have browsed.

4) Highly efficient FBX solution via real time programmatic advertising: myThings’ predictive artificial intelligence algorithms analyze hundreds of parameters to determine every user’s lifetime value estimation – a key factor that drives real time targeting, bidding and creative decisions, and as a result enhanced efficiency and performance.

“Combining Facebook’s massive reach and myThings’ innovative personalized retargeting technology is having a profound effect on advertisers’ performance,” commented myThings’ CEO Benny Arbel. “We’re excited to add FBX newsfeed support to our comprehensive data-driven display offering, which already includes desktop, video and mobile.”


About myThings
Founded in 2005, myThings is the global leader in customized programmatic ad solutions. Turning big data into incremental demand, the company personalizes over 5 billion impressions per month for top advertisers in 30 markets including Adidas, Walmart, ToysRUs, Littlewoods, Very, Zalando, Orange, Best Buy and Microsoft.

myThings’ customized programmatic offering is answering two pains of today’s real time ad space: template-based automation and lack of transparency. It empowers advertisers by creating fully customized, brand-aligned programmatic campaigns, while providing them with detailed, actionable insights into the performance patterns of their audiences across all channels.

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