Vibrant Media, the global leader of in-content digital advertising, today announced the launch of Storyboard, the latest in their suite of ad solutions designed to amplify brand engagement. Addressing the key industry challenges of achieving ad viewability and boosting brand-consumer connection, Storyboard provides the perfect solution: relevant, immersive, user-initiated brand experiences.

Through the use of images, video and iFrame-supported content like games, news and social feeds and interactive demos, Storyboard allows brands to tell their story in a way far superior to typical rich-media or standard ad units. Once users click or hover to activate ad content, they are able to quickly and easily page through useful or entertaining elements that are relevant to what they have already been viewing, searching for or otherwise engaged with. Storyboard’s innovative design ensures a positive user experience, significantly enhancing consumers’ connection and time spent with the brand.

Storyboard is the latest innovation in a nearly two-year-long expansion and evolution strategy led by Vibrant’s CEO, Cella Irvine, to enhance the company’s in-content advertising offerings. Since her arrival, the company has made significant advancements in its product suite, introducing new creative ad solutions such as Image, Mosaic and Lightbox, as well as redesigning the company’s signature In-text product.

“Consumers are very savvy and easily annoyed by intrusive or irrelevant advertising,” said Irvine. “Brands today need to work harder than ever before to capture their attention and provide real value. Storyboard gives users a vivid, engaging experience they are receptive to because they chose to activate it. At the same time, brands love it because users are directed to exactly what the advertiser wants to convey.”

Storyboard works particularly well for brands with multiple creative assets who are looking for new ways to stand out in today’s cluttered environment. Among the first brands to use Storyboard are Acura and Aetna.

Vibrant’s multi-platform creative ad solutions offer brands optimized creative units that incorporate native gestures and features that take advantage of unique attributes of mobile and tablet devices. With Vibrant’s proprietary technology and the user-initiated format, clients are guaranteed that interactions are taking place. Storyboard is the latest addition to Vibrant’s cost-per-engagement (CPE) product offering.

The Vibrant suite of cross-platform brand discovery solutions includes:

• Vibrant Lightbox – This in-content solution ensures that your video content is discovered through a highly relevant and highly viewable ad experience that delivers 100% SOV. The user-controlled functionality of Lightbox ensures a positive brand experience for consumers.

• Vibrant Mosaic – This impactful, user-initiated brand experience showcases brand videos, images, rich media and social feeds optimized for the tablet and desktop.

• Vibrant Image – This innovative ad format leverages the power of billions of editorial images for brand advertisers to reach consumers on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

• Vibrant In-Text – This rich media unit makes brands more discoverable by reaching more qualified consumers with greater viewability and greater brand impact.

About Vibrant
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