Penny auction sites like have gained considerable media attention in recent years. Billed as an alternative to traditional shopping, they offer big-ticket merchandise through a penny bidding format at a fraction of the retail cost, often as much as 99% off.
But such claims understandably leave many consumers skeptical, and the penny auction business model—in which users purchase bids to participate in auctions—raises questions about how much members actually save.

Beezid CEO Max Bohbot is on a mission to change that.
“People need to understand that these savings are real,” he said. “There’s no trick here. And we prove that by guaranteeing that you won’t pay more than 50% off retail for any closing auction prices, period.”

The burden of proof naturally falls on the penny auction site making the claim. But it’s a burden that Beezid has always shouldered well, keeping a public record of all closed auctions, along with a Winner’s Circle filled with testimonials from hundreds of users.

Nor is the concept of “guaranteed savings” new to Beezid, a site that regularly hosts “No Risk Bidding” events and offers new members a guaranteed win on their first bid pack. But the 50% price cap is a site-wide change affecting every auction… and every user.

“Our goal here at Beezid has always been to make high-end merchandise affordable for everyone in a fun, action-packed environment,” Bohbot continued. “This is only one of many exciting changes coming to Beezid this year, and the biggest and best are yet to be unveiled.”

This announcement follows closely on several other major changes including a new version of the website, an increased auction schedule with more promotional events, and most recently the introduction of Power bids, a new bid type that users obtain free of charge via promotional codes, social media contests, and the like.

You can learn more about the 50% price cap by visiting Beezid’s website.

About Beezid:
Beezid is a penny auction website that offers a thrilling spin on online shopping. Since its launch in 2009, Beezid has become the leading source for top-quality products at up to 99% off the retail price. Users take advantage of huge discounts on brand new, brand name products by forming bidding strategies in a fun and secure online environment.

There’s never been a better time to try out Beezid. New users get Free bids on sign up, and members can always take advantage of promotions, bonuses, and incentives on Beezid’s popular Twitter and Facebook pages. Join close to 70,000 people who Like Beezid to enjoy huge savings!

Todd Janowski
Montreal, Canada

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