Mike Hoogveld from RedFoxBlue Highlights how Brands Need to Evolve their Performance Strategies…

How do You View Performance Marketing in the Netherlands Compared to Other European Countries?

Mike Hoogveld: I do not see very large differences. In multi-channel management everyone is focusing on accountability and performance. However, the Dutch market is relatively, very innovative and that makes it an excellent test market where lots of research is being done, as for instance the Shopping 2020 initiative where I participate in one of the expert groups.

Your Background is in Multi-Channel Marketing, how Important is Performance to this trade?

MH: The answer lies in the question: I do not believe that there is any trade for which performance is not important. And for multi-channel marketing specifically this is key. It is al about delving the voice of the customer intelligence, measuring the performance of the total multi-channel operation and the channels within it and relating this to the customer lifetime value. I am convinced that in the future only those marketers will be successful that combine marketing with ICT skills and knowledge as this is necessary to optimize performance.

Are More Brands Looking to Adopt Performance in Their Multi-Channel Campaigns?

MH: Certainly. I see more and more organisations attend my masterclasses and workshops, read my book and hiring me for multi-channel strategy advice and implementation. And I also see a strong growth in articles being published and conferences being organised on this subject. I am convinced that C-level executives and specialists at the leading brands are really becoming aware that customer behavior is changing and that it is necessary to adapt to that if they want to be the winner in tomorrow’s markets. Just as Darwin concluded after studying flora and fauna.

Are you Hoping to Meet Fellow Dutch Businesses or do You Have an Eye on the International Delegation at a4uexpo Europe?

MH: Though it is very innovating at several aspects of multi-channel performance, the Dutch market is off course relatively small. Therefore, I always try to use as many international cases as possible so this is also what my focus at a4uexpo Europe will be. 

What are you Looking Forward to Most About a4uexpo Europe?

MH: I am looking forward to meet practitioners who have a passion for maximizing performance to share our knowledge and experience on best practices, especially in multi-channel management.

See Mike Hoogveld speak on Day Two of a4uexpo Europe at 9am,  “Engaging with Consumers on a Multi-Platform World”