Direct Save Telecom has announced that over 1000 new customers have come on board in recent months.

Direct Save, who offer possibly the cheapest phone and broadband in the UK at only £2.49 per month, are in the middle of a big push to try and entice customers away from the big four providers.

One of the major factors in the upsurge of customers is the launch of the Direct Save Telecom savings calculator – a unique tool which tells potential customers exactly where savings can be made.

Since its launch in January 2013 over 1000 new customers have signed-up, all saving themselves hundreds of pounds on the process.

Direct Save is the only telco in the UK which has a savings calculator on its website.

The latest stats provided by the money conscious provider show that 82% of new customers save at least £150 in the first year, while some are saving as much as £464.

Direct Save Telecom CEO, Stavros Tsolakis, explains: “We launched the price calculator as the big 4 have dominated the UK telecoms market for far too long, and more needs to be done to show the huge savings that can be made if people are open to change.

Tsolakis adds: “We are delighted that so many people are using the calculator, for the consumer I like that it can tell you not only who is the cheapest provider but also which is the best free call plan based on your calling profile.”

You can find Direct Save Telecom’s price calculator at


Direct Save Telecom (Direct Save) is an independent telephone service provider. Direct Save Telecom was created in 2003, and was born out of Utilities UK Ltd which was one of the UK’s largest energy agencies at that time. Since its creation Direct Save has seen a steady growth built on a reputation for providing both savings and quality. Direct Save is committed to offering customers greater value for money for their telecom needs, combined with excellent customer care. Direct Save offers customers a simple rolling 28 day contract. The Direct Save promise is to cut hundreds of pounds off the average British family’s telecom bill. Visit