• Emulate the in-store personal shopper experience online
  • Ensure product data is used effectively to target visitors based on their preferences
  • Small and busy team meant the technology had to be low maintenance


  • 60% increase in site conversion rate
  • 6% of total online revenue generated via personalised product recommendations
  • Significant time saving through automated merchandising
  • Less than three week end-to-end integration time

Solutions and features used

  • Personalised product recommendations
  • Single, simple to install, configurable Magento extension

About Astley Clarke

Astley Clarke was founded in 2006 and is one of the UK’s most exclusive luxury jewellery retailers. The London based brand designs and creates their own-label jewellery collections, offers high-end bespoke services and also curates exclusive collections from internationally recognised designers.

Awarded “Best Luxury Brand Online” by luxury industry group Walpole in 2009, Astley Clarke is committed to their vision to celebrate design and craftsmanship in fine jewellery, in turn delivering a “new golden-age of luxury shopping.”

Customers visiting Astley Clarke’s luxurious London showroom are met by Personal Shoppers, who are trained to understand and remember each customer’s preferences and helpfully guide them through their exclusive designer collections to find the perfect jewellery item.

The Challenge

With online sales rapidly growing, Astley Clarke had two pressing issues around their website that they needed to overcome.

Firstly, the process of manually merchandising individual product upsells and cross-sells was becoming inefficient as Astley Clarke’s product range grew. The business also wanted to extend its in-store Personal Shopper experience online by using technology to understand and record visitor behaviours and direct individual customers to other products they might like.

To overcome these issues, Astley Clarke investigated using personalisation technology from a number of vendors, however they were not convinced that these vendors could use Astley Clarke’s niche product data effectively to provide the control and precision that was required.

Emailvision Solution

Emailvision’s simple to install extension enabled Astley Clarke to quickly integrate, test and configure the new PredictiveIntent personalisation technology into their Magento eCommerce platform with minimum effort. By handling all technical aspects such as the real-time sending of product and visitor data, the single Magento extension removes the need for any heavy development work.

Using Emailvision’s Suggestion Choreography technology, Astley Clarke is now able to formulate a unique personalisation strategy, applying business rules and various algorithms that suit each visitor’s behaviour and purchase information. By remembering visitor preferences such as their favourite designers, gemstones and metals, Astley Clarke can deliver a relevant online experience, wherever a visitor is in their user journey regardless of their preferences and behaviour.

With a library of over 160 algorithms and a high level of flexibility, Astley Clarke has moved away from using traditional crowd recommendations (e.g. “people who bought this also bought”) to focus on real-time algorithms which adapt Astley Clarke’s product recommendations according to the unique preferences and browsing behaviours of individual visitors as they shop. Just as an in-store Personal Shopper would recommend related items and collections, Emailvision’s smart visitor profiling and business rules mean Astley Clarke can present expertly curated product recommendations based on a visitor’s unique context.

And with in-depth reporting capability, Astley Clarke is now able to gain full visibility of a wide range of metrics based on the influence of Emailvision’s personalisation technology on revenues and other eCommerce statistics.


Working with Emailvision’s PredictiveIntent personalisation technology, Astley Clarke has achieved a 60% increase in overall conversion rate that directly translates into revenues. In a short space of time, personalised product suggestions have already generated 6% of the businesses total online revenue.

“Serving relevant product recommendations is a particular challenge when dealing with a product as personal as jewellery. PredictiveIntent provides an ideal personalisation platform for Astley Clarke, “Dan Coleman , IT & Web Manager, Astley Clarke.