Seattle, WA (PRWEB) January 22, 2013 – Unified affiliate linking platform GeoRiot unveiled today new tools that effortlessly transform links from the iTunes Store and App Store into globally- aware, affiliate links. The launch is accompanied by new and updated resources that foster the company’s goal of providing simple and concise affiliate linking resources for record labels, app developers, and Internet marketers around the world.

A redesigned website extends the reach of international marketing and affiliate linking by making the process straight forward and user friendly. The changes will be felt especially by the music industry, where missed revenue and broken links for international users are a common pitfall.

The new site boasts a collection of written and interactive materials produced by GeoRiot to educate and assist at every step of the process. Included in these are in-depth walkthroughs and screenshots, HD video tutorials for getting set up with each of the affiliate networks, and concise information on “geo-fragmentation”, the term GeoRiot uses to describe today’s geographically segmented e-commerce and affiliate marketing landscape.

“We designed every aspect of the site with the user in mind. We strive to be a resource for international affiliate linking because getting set up and running with the various networks can be such a complicated process and a barrier to leveraging tools like ours to open up an additional revenue stream. We felt these challenges significantly impacted the number of people who use the affiliate program, especially at a global scale,” says GeoRiot CEO Jesse Lakes.

GeoRiot works differently from traditional affiliate networks by providing users with a single, globally aware link, in place of using multiple links that vary by region. The new site, which prominently features one of the new tools, above the fold, is an extension of GeoRiot’s mission of leveraging technology to improve the Internet and bring ease and simplicity to affiliate linking and international ecommerce.

In 2009, the co-founders of GeoRiot built the initial framework of the service, which they opened up to beta in early 2010. In 2012, GeoRiot was the first to provide a unified sales and commissions reporting platform focused on data from the iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store Affiliate Program. For 2013, the company plans to expand the service to fully support Amazon’s growing international presence.

About GeoRiot
GeoRiot provides industry leading affiliate linking capabilities to app developers, music labels and Internet marketers. With a single, unified link, global (iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store) traffic is directed to the appropriate, geo-specific item in a user’s local storefront to improve international user experience. Additionally, the GeoRiot service allows its clients to leverage the many country-specific affiliate programs simultaneously, typically doubling their affiliate commissions. GeoRiot has served over 700 million clicks for hundreds of clients worldwide.