Your Guide to Voucher and Incentive Strategy

Your Guide to Voucher and Incentive Strategy

– January 2017 –

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Thanks to the consumer’s undying love of a good deal, voucher code and incentive strategies continue to enjoy a reputation as an effective means of driving conversion-ready traffic; so much so in fact, that the approach is estimated to contribute to more than half of all affiliate programme revenue.  

A cornerstone of the performance industry, the use of voucher and incentive strategies has also made new ground; luxury retailers that once shunned this approach to marketing are increasingly employing the same methods, owed in part to changing consumer expectations and the opportunities offered up by a broad and diverse demographic of publishers.  

Teaming up with Voucherbox, PerformanceIN has brought you the ‘Voucher and Incentive Strategy’ guide, offering PI readers a quick overview or refresher course into the lucrative market, a run-through of each publisher type and range of approaches, as well as several points to consider before embarking on a campaign.

In addition to this, the guide provides five different scenarios in which a voucher and incentive strategy can prove fruitful, helping you to decide whether it’s right for your objectives - be they increasing AOV, driving a specific customer segment, or otherwise.