Supplement: Getting Consumers Onside with Advertising

Supplement: Getting Consumers Onside with Advertising

– October 2016 –

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While the advertising industry thrives on a tidal wave of spend from brands that want to reach consumers online, murmurs of discontent rebound from the very people they target.

Counter-balancing the good work done in the name of value exchanges, tailored communications and channels like paid search - which operate as a service - ‘creepy creative’ and volume-heavy ad servers are causing a growing chunk of users to block the ads that power their free content.

It will be no easy task, but it’s fair to say advertising can win back the consumer, so we’ve brought together the opinions of advertisers, agencies, tech providers and networks for a supplement dedicated to explaining how that can be achieved.  

In partnership with NMPi, PerformanceIN releases ‘Getting Consumers Back Onside with Advertising’ - a free resource which presents the issues with modern-day advertising and how they can be resolved.