Supplement: Affiliate Marketing - The Publishers' View

Supplement: Affiliate Marketing - The Publishers' View

– December 2016 –

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It feels like affiliate marketing's biggest understatement is to say the publisher community is the foundation on which the industry is built... Affiliate marketing wouldn't exist without the publishers that provide the reach and variety that advertisers demand, but does the industry listen to their views, opinions and concerns often enough? 

If you’ve ever pondered the answer to the question posed by Affiliate Window’s Nick Caulfield, you’re bound to be interested in a read of our new Publisher Supplement - available for free to all PI readers.

In a first ever for PerformanceIN, we gathered 10 publishers to gauge their opinions on all manner of debates affecting and impacting the affiliate industry. These include:

  • The 0% commission debate
  • The affiliate brand
  • Innovation
  • The value of publishers
  • Publisher/advertiser relationships
  • What publishers want to see from the channel 

Produced in association with Affiliate Window, the resulting supplement comprises a thorough look into the state of the channel, from the very people fuelling it.