Performance Marketing Guide: Display

– December 2014 –

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Display advertising has evolved far beyond its humble beginnings. New technology has allowed inventory to be purchased in real time and ads are now targeted based on data from user interaction.  

Still viewed as one of the strongest forms of advertising to demonstrate a brand’s creativity and build awareness, the opportunity for truly innovative display campaigns has never been more rife with the rise in multi-screen advertising, video and social platforms paving the way.

In one of the most exhaustive sections of the Performance Marketing Guide, we explore display advertising from the bottom up, covering everything from key definitions to how you can directly integrate programmatic technology into your campaign. The section is split into three major categories:

  • Behavioural retargeting
  • Programmatic real-time bidding
  • Mobile display

Case studies from Net Media Planet and Matomy Media also demonstrate practical examples of these strategies and the huge impacts they can have on a campaign.


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