European Publisher Landscape Report 2013

– June 2013 –

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The new and improved European Publishers Landscape Report 2013 (formerly the European Affiliate Landscape Report) in association with Webgains is now ready for download. This year we were able to call on the input of even more countries throughout the continent than in 2012.

With the help of Momondo, PerformanceIN ran a survey for four weeks, urging publishers big or small, to give us their thoughts. The results have now been made available in what is the third edition of this Landscape Report in association with Webgains.

Inside the document you will find close to 20 pages of incredible insights into performance marketing behaviours through the eyes of Europe’s esteemed publishers. The findings are sure to be handy for all demographics currently operating in the industry.

Year-on-year Commission Data

Average monthly commissions in 2012 and 2013.

Topical Issues Dissected

Do Publishers push for last-click attribution alternatives?

Publishers taking hybrid/tenancy payments reveal their average monthly earnings:

The Network View

Robert Glasgow, managing director of Webgains Ltd, said:

“As we all know, the performance marketing industry is fast evolving, filled as it is with innovators and entrepreneurs. This fast pace of development however is precisely what makes it so important to regularly engage in detailed study. If the industry is going to continue to defy trends and to prosper, it’s imperative that we continue to learn. The increased reach of this year’s survey is a key step in ensuring that our practices remain at the forefront of industry development.”

Inside This Report

  • Industry experts provide analysis
  • Wider coverage of European markets
  • Reasons behind network adoption
  • Advertiser insight
  • Expansion strategies of publishers
  • Charts contrasting the opinions of different countries side by side
  • The impact of offline sales
  • Use of technologies

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The European Publisher Landscape Report 2013 is available to download from PerformanceIN with immediate effect. Grab a copy of the PDF now to peruse at your leisure and use the insights to help better plan your international performance marketing activity throughout the rest of 2013.