European Affiliate Landscape Report 2011

– April 2011 –

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Webgains set out to create an inaugural European Affiliate Landscape Report for 2011.

After running a simultaneous survey for 6 weeks across Europe, & Webgains are proud to produce the inaugural European Affiliate Landscape Report, available for download exclusively to members today.

How Much Commission Are European Affiliates Earning Per Month?

Affiliates & Performance Marketing

Affiliates are utilising Performance Marketing Channels across Europe.

Concerns Across Europe

A hot topic in France is considerably different in Germany and the UK.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

"We are delighted to partner a4u in this initial investigation into affiliate marketing across Europe. Not only do we now have a better understanding of behaviors and attitudes across Europe but insights gleaned from the differences in the results between countries allow the Industry to tweak approaches according to local concerns. Over time, we will also be able to understand trends and respond accordingly.” - Robert Glasgow, Managing Director, Webgains

What Else Is In The Report?

 Data From 18 European Countries & Other Global Countries
 In Depth Comparison Across 7 European Markets - UK, DE, FR, NL, SWE, DK, ESP
 Affiliate Expansion Plans
 Threats to Earnings
 Preferred Affiliate Networks
 Key Factors When Working With Advertisers.
 Affiliate Communication Methods
 Performance Marketing Channel Integration

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Available for download to Affiliates4u members today, our inaugural European Affiliate Landscape Report is a fantastic resource for all demographics that provides the grounds for a productive appropach to territorial affiliate marketing over the coming year. 

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