The Guide to Email and Marketing Automation in 2016

The Guide to Email and Marketing Automation in 2016

– November 2016 –

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'The year is 2016 and it’s time email marketing got clever. Marketers need to change their tactics if they want to succeed, playing on the right emotions and finding the triggers that get reactions.' 

As one of the oldest channels in the digital marketing mix, email faces the inevitable battle of trying to stay new and innovative, despite its ability to return solid results year after year.

Automation is ready to put a fresh slant on what performance marketers do with email and we’ve enlisted the help of the experts at CommuniGator to show you how.

Let the reinvention of your email marketing start today with a read of our free Guide to the channel in 2016. You’ll learn about how automation is set to play a bigger part in email going forward, the uses and benefits of this new approach, capped off by a case study from one of the brands that are trailblazing their way forward.