CPI Networks: the Buyer's Guide

CPI Networks: the Buyer's Guide

– October 2016 –

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A good CPI network can be an advertiser or app developer’s best investment, but choosing one tends to be a difficult and time-consuming task.

PerformanceIN is delighted to announce the launch of the first in our series of Buyer’s Guides, focused entirely on CPI networks to help you pick the right one to work with.

Our resource contains a review of the top cost-per-install networks currently on the market, the key considerations to bear in mind while choosing suppliers and guidance for those looking to charge up their mobile app downloads.

To make the Guide work for everyone, we filtered through individual networks and their key features as well as unique selling points. Our interviews with those at the heart of some of the leading companies also provide an insight into what sets each network apart, while a separate checklist helps you easily assess which one ticks all your boxes.

Cost-per-install campaigns enable app owners to widen their reach in a cost-effective way, with CPI being an accurate indicator of the investment companies need to make to include mobile as one of their key channels.

The Guide is here to help you ensure you choose the network that helps you make the most of this opportunity.