Content Marketing Digital Supplement

– September 2015 –

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Smart marketers know that ‘traditional’ forms of digital advertising are no longer getting through to banner-blind, ad-blocking, review-reading consumers.

There’s a solution, though; with the basic premise of creating something of value to the consumer and maintaining positive ROI, content marketing is proving an effective tool for promotion.

Its success has paved the way to a highly competitive industry and a number of companies are now showcasing the potential of the format. PerformanceIN & NewsCred invited a few groups employing content marketing better than most to outline the state of play in 2015.

The resulting discussions have helped shape the Content Marketing Digital Supplement, which features subjects such as:

  • Why content is no longer centred on traffic
  • How to avoid a false-start content strategy
  • Building relationships in influencer marketing
  • Targeting publishers in niche verticals
  • Innovation and performance in content marketing