The Advertiser’s Guide to Retargeting 2017

The Advertiser’s Guide to Retargeting 2017

– December 2017 –

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Website visitors who are retargeted with display ads are 70% more likely to convert on the retailer’s website (Invesp), but with more and more consumers waking up to advertisers’ tactics, it’s never been more important to get retargeting right.

 PerformanceIN has teamed up with data performance agency advanced store to bring you the Advertiser’s Guide to Retargeting, covering the fundamentals of crafting a well-conceived retargeting campaign for excellent return and closure rates, and optimal ROI. Download the guide for:

  • Is retargeting right for your campaign?
  • An overview of retargeting strategies
  • Step-by-step of implementation

“The better you know and address your users, the more effective your specific retargeting campaign will be.” - Marc Majewski, CEO advanced store