The 2016 Guide to Programmatic Advertising

The 2016 Guide to Programmatic Advertising

– November 2016 –

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It’s predicted that programmatic buying will power three-quarters of the display ad economy by 2017, yet 63% of advertisers, 44% of agencies and 47% of publishers claim not to understand how it works. If you’re belonging to the second group of stats, the first should tell you it might be worth doing your research.

Automating some of the manual processes attached to the buying and selling of ad space has led to a spike in programmatic advertising. It’s here to stay, and if you’re serious about using display, video and even TV ads in the future, you should be wary of programmatic's rise. 

To get you started, we’ve teamed up with Rakuten Marketing for an overview of programmatic advertising in 2016, packing in terminology, the benefits and challenges it carries, as well as a case study from the Body Shop.

Download the new resource - as part of the wider Performance Marketing Guide - by clicking below.