The 2016 Guide to Behavioural Marketing

The 2016 Guide to Behavioural Marketing

– November 2016 –

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Highly effective, highly measurable and offering a potential boost in customer loyalty, retention and conversions, behavioural marketing is the next new concept preparing to take the advertising world by storm.

We’ve enlisted the help of SaleCycle to compile a guide to this promising form of ad personalisation, where a customer’s unique interests are used to create automated campaigns that deliver on performance-driven metrics.

But it’s not only things like addressing cart abandonment and increasing customer lifetime value where behavioural marketing can come into play. Retailers around the world are using it to personalise their customer support and get people onto their email database among other applications, with these options continuing to expand.

Take to our free guide for top tips into conducting behavioural marketing campaigns, as well as case studies from Virgin Atlantic, Monsoon and Oakley, by clicking below.