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Profile brings together the online community’s best and brightest: working together towards the common goal of enhancing their performance marketing.

Enabling a network for both Advertisers and Publishers, TradeTracker hosts a platform offering real-time, understandable and most of all transparent data, to strengthen their client’s ability to make the right performance marketing decisions. Through a specialized accounts team who concentrate in overseeing their own specific industry, TradeTracker ensure a tailored and precise approach to the fields of Services, Travel, Telecom, Shopping and Finance.

Currently hosting offices in 16 countries and employing over 160 people worldwide, it has the widest global coverage and traverses numerous markets. Catering to a diverse set of languages and locations, they present users a fluent experience even when connecting to vast international networks.

Features Include:

  • Admonitor- In order to protect your brand, we’ve developed a tool which monitors the use of your brand across search channels and detects brand abuse in search ads
  • Conversion Path Tracking- Understand how customers navigate in the lead-up to a conversion, so that you can optimize their journey to produce positive results
  • Intuitive Interface- It’s an understandable and clear dashboard that greets you every time you login, making interpreting data and formulating campaign tactics an easy task
  • Industry Specific Accounts Managers- We’re not satisfied with all-rounders, we prefer our account managers as specialists in their sector, allowing them a comprehensive knowledge to the finer points of an industry specific campaign

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