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Ingenious Technologies AG is a Berlin-based company, founded by passionate technology experts, who observed a lack of strong, independent technology to serve the clients in the market. Since 2012, Ingenious Technologies provides a marketing technology that helps global brands optimize their partner marketing for more revenue. Through its SaaS-based Partner Marketing Platform, brands are enabled to directly manage their partners and accurately measure and analyze their performance. This unique combination is enhanced by first-party tracking and white-labeling capabilities.
The platform brings partners and enterprises together to transact with each other. It enables to share information and thus enhance collaboration and innovation of new products and services. The Ingenious ecosystem connects two or more sides, creating powerful network effects whereby the value continues to increase the more members participate. Acceleration by third parties is supported through application programming interfaces (APIs) that enable participants to share data to create new services.
Thanks to a cloud-based technology, Ingenious Technologies can provide a platform on an as-a-service (SaaS) basis. Their customers operate under clear governance conditions that protect intellectual property and data ownership, fostering trust among participants. 

Ingenious Technologies is committed to best-in-class software development, transparent data their customers can trust and relentless innovation that delivers next-generation solutions to enterprises around the world.

Ingenious Technologies is proud that their technology has not only been acknowledged by their clients, but also been accredited at award shows. At the International Performance Marketing Awards, they have been awarded for:

  • Best Performance Marketing Technology 2016 (Winner)
  • Best SaaS Platform 2018 (Finalist)
  • Best Technology 2020 (Finalist)

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