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Affise is a platform for the modern-day marketer. A trusted platform that partners with influencers, publishers, and B2B partners to help brands reach consumers in a more meaningful way. With the help of intelligent and protected technology supported by people who care about your goals, Affise makes partnerships a manageable, scalable and revenue-predictable marketing channel.

Client Testimonials

Ilya Sereguin, Mobio Agency:
“Since we started working with Affise we witnessed a remarkable growth and improvement of our company. The system is operating very smooth, and in case of any difficulty Affise Support Team provides us with a prompt and professional help. The revolutionary pricing policy is also a huge plus – it allows us to operate with way larger volumes without wasting much money”.

Ofer Katz, Affiliate-mob:
“As we are constantly looking for new opportunities to grow and improve our business, we should be so lucky that we have met Affise team that introduced us their solution. With this platform we have managed to implement our own custom solutions as well as have taken advantages in their services. It’s the most intuitive affiliate system we have ever worked with. Super user-friendly, smart and fast. Affise is made for winners and that’s exactly what we are striving for”.

Sujoy Ghosh, Claymotion:
“Creating a lean yet successful business structure which is in sync with the ever changing advertiser dynamics is what keeps us going every day! With a significant growth in the number of advertiser accounts and a corresponding increase in the publisher base, one of my most critical challenges is to keep iterating to help lower our operational costs without giving up on platform independence, features and stability. Affise with its team of technical experts is always on 24/7 standby to help provide proactive solutions and support us in this growth journey”.


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Founded : 2015
Number of Staff : 50-200

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