Global affiliate network Webgains has announced its latest product release: the Webgains app for Shopify. The app is designed to improve the speed and accuracy of integration for their advertiser clients on the Shopify platform.

The Webgains’ Shopify plugin launch goes alongside the company’s mission to curate and grow ‘the world’s smartest network of brands and their affiliate sales’ through a common purpose of continuously improving industry expertise and know-how.

Webgains does this by pairing relentless quality standards in compliance, processes, and technologies with a “never stop learning” ethos amongst all stakeholders.

Now, Webgains’ advertisers using Shopify will experience a reduction in the time required for integration, thus enabling their affiliate programmes to go live in far less time. The app ensures robustness when tracking and enables a faster generation of online sales. 

Samuel Rodman, Chief Technological Officer at Webgains commented: “It’s great to be part of the wider e-commerce ecosystem allowing merchants to integrate with the global Webgains network with ease. This takes the complexity out of the tracking setup and allows merchants to integrate with Webgains quickly with minimal effort. This means they can focus on the business of selling and leverage the wealth of Publishers on our platform. 

Starting with Shopify, we are excited about the opportunity to optimise the onboarding process for merchants, the first of a whole host of simplified integration options coming from Webgains.

This is a hugely exciting development considering the huge amount of brands using Shopify – here’s hoping the networks that haven’t already released a plugin of this sort follow suit.

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