Lines are blurring and new alliances are forming, proving that no marketing channel is an island, and collaboration is the key to success.

What was once considered a channel with strict parameters about what constitutes a traditional transactional relationship has proven that nothing is outside of its far-reaching grip, and that the most unusual partnerships are often the most productive.

The partnerships market is ever-growing in the US, so we thought the perfect way to respond to and honour this would be to create the Top 30 US Changemakers in Partnership Marketing list.

This brand new list seeks to recognise the brightest and boldest players in the partnership marketing ecosystem, including performance, affiliate and influencer partnerships.

These changemakers are those pushing boundaries, and enabling the growth of this dynamic field of marketing. We want to hear from you, those who work up close with these individuals, to nominate those who stand out to you when you hear the words: ‘Changemaker in Partnership Marketing’.

You can submit your nominations here until 19th May. We can’t wait to hear from you and find out who you think is the next up and coming name in this up and coming industry.

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