Transparency is vital for campaign planners looking to maximise ad spend, therefore brands and marketers are increasingly looking to work with partners who provide an end-to-end view of the ecosystem. With the DSP (demand-side platform) alone providing only a snapshot of this supply chain, brands are looking to understand the full picture when it comes to their ad investments and cash flows. Given advertiser spend is the only money going into the supply chain, it’s important they see where this spend ends up, and that the investment is fully accounted for. In addition, it can be difficult to determine the full costs incurred from the SSP (supply-side platform) as the number of vendors in the ecosystem increases and the true effect of ad spend becomes increasingly vague.

In short, brands need more than a DSP, this will help them to maximise their ad investment and competitiveness by gaining full control over costs on both the buy and supply sides. In this article, Mike Simpkins, Commercial Lead, Xandr will highlight how brands can increase their competitive edge within a bid, by harnessing a 360 view of their ecosystem.


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