With Adam Ross, CEO of Awin stating: “I’ve never felt as optimistic about [our industry’s] future as I do today…”, the insight shared throughout the rest of the company’s annual report is a hugely inspiring look into the current successes of the affiliate channel and the potential it has to snowball even further.

Titled the ‘Power 100’, the report draws insights from markets such as Latin America and Eastern Europe, recognising the innovative publishers that are emerging and equipping brands with the ability to power revenue through partnerships.

From models like TikTok creators to price comparison sites to FinTech pioneers and even brands, the diversity of the partners detailed in the report shows the innovative and malleable future of affiliate marketing.

It’s not purely new faces too – we have once again been reminded of the powers of more traditional partners such as coupon and cashback.

Adam Ross said: “A multi-billion-dollar powerhouse of digital marketing, it’s now a global industry that is table stakes for any business seeking sustainable online growth.”

If that’s not promising, we don’t know what is.

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