Are you a brand looking for insight into how you can improve your relationship with publishers? Or are you a publisher interested in knowing if your peers have the same issues as you? 

In this report we explore the biggest problems publishers face when it comes to working with advertisers, and understand the solutions that can be put in place to ensure relationships remain positive and fruitful.

Relationships are absolutely key when working in partnership marketing – it’s in the name – and the secret to a good relationship is communication and transparency. In order to shed light on some of the most common issues experienced by publishers in the space, PerformanceIN has collected responses from these industry professionals.

Hear from them about how they solve issues such as decreasing commission rates, payment transparency and some problems from a brand to brand perspective…

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These conversations are ones we will be continuing at PI LIVE Advanced in April – the boutique event is brand-focused, so you definitely don’t want to miss out.

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