It’s becoming increasingly essential to broaden your knowledge when working within partnership marketing. The silos are shrinking – keeping your mind open to take in any knowledge available to you is essential for moving forward.

However, that knowledge isn’t always available. It’s easy to become trapped, oblivious to the goings on outside your bubble. That’s why conferences are so important – they broaden your horizons through carefully curated content, designed with your future in mind.

PI LIVE Advanced will provide you with the essential knowledge you need in sessions such as: ‘Why Affiliate is the Power Player in the Customer Journey’. If you’re a brand wondering how the affiliate channel can truly benefit your business, this session will give you the key to unlock the true advantages and how to reap them. Speakers from the hugely successful Klarna, CJ and Button will explore how brands can best expand customer reach and maximise growth through expanding their partnerships.

You also don’t want to miss out on the revelation of the new customer expectations for exploring, shopping and paying for purchases that brands need to be thinking about now, and how these are impacting brands’ UX sites.

If you’re feeling slightly overwhelmed by new concepts, perhaps ‘content commerce’ and, of course, ‘the metaverse’, the agenda focuses on providing the answers to any questions you may have about how to utilise these platforms, plus some examples of experiences which will help you shape future strategies.

Brands in particular do not want to miss out on this agenda – Forbes, Tipser, Farfetch, Lovehoney, BOLT and Klarna (to name a few) are already on the guest list and the rest are selling quickly as we approach the event.

PI LIVE Advanced will be taking place on the 26th of April at New World Stages in New York. For the full agenda, check out the website, and secure your tickets if you haven’t already.

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