Creating attractive offers is one of the steps to a successful partner programme. The better your offer is, the more your partners will love to promote it. This will help your brand bring quality traffic and engage with potential partners. However, more than creating an excellent offer, business owners need a complete platform that allows them to manage these offers effectively. 

When talking about brands that operate globally, it’s even more critical to work with adequate resources, as campaign management often involves a broad base of partners, different currency categories, languages, and others. For this reason, many brands are eager to find the best platforms to achieve their goals. 

These businesses are looking for solutions that offer key features for this market, such as advanced automation, fraud protection, and more. After all, the right platform is a game-changer.

Let’s look at how BCNMonetize, a company with an international team of mobile marketing experts communicating with its customers in more than ten languages, successfully developed and drove the adoption of Affise in its business.

About BCNMonetize

Founded in Barcelona in 2016, BCNMonetize is a leading mobile advertising agency that helps other companies of all sizes generate a high ROI from their advertising investments. The company believes that innovation is key in digital marketing. It is essential to help brands make the most of their data through tailored video and display ads to re-target users and boost conversions. 

Their clients include Souq by Amazon, Fiverr, Monese, Trendyol, Unibet, Snapbook, Starzplay, Shahid, eToro, Fintonic, and eCooltra. In this context, the challenge is to manage hundreds of affiliates working on mobile marketing campaigns for clients across multiple channels and geographic locations.


Before starting with Affise, BCNMonetize experimented with using affiliate marketing platforms to manage client campaigns. However, without success, and for a while, they used limited and sometimes inaccurate tracking platforms. 

The biggest challenge was managing the affiliate offers effectively, as the company works with multiple partners and several campaigns for clients across different locations. The previous solutions were billed on a per-click basis and did not offer advanced automation and anti-fraud features, which was another problem.

So, the company was looking for a solution to improve traffic quality, automate routine tasks, and maximise conversion rates without bringing additional resources to its team. This scenario brought BCNMonetize to Affise.


BCNMonetize started running, measuring, analysing, and optimising its mobile partner marketing campaigns with Affise. One of the key reasons for choosing the platform was the suite of optimisation and automation tools, which helped them build advertiser confidence and grow exponentially.


After a few months of using Affise, BCNMonetize began to see significant quality improvements:

  • 300% revenue growth;
  • CR increased by 7.5x times;
  • 66% decrease in suspicious traffic.

Case studies like this one help marketers plan a marketing strategy effectively. In addition, choosing the right platform for campaigns is always a good investment, significantly when maximising growth opportunities. For this reason, when planning the next step, be sure to partner with platforms that effectively explore the growth opportunities of different segments in marketing.

See the complete case study on the Affise website to know which features help BCNMonetize achieve its goals.