Back in 1998 (that’s not a typo) when I first dabbled in Affiliate Marketing, working in the industry was a lonely affair. My quest to find others who shared the same interest led me to create a forum, it was called affiliates4u. It was the foundation of what PerformanceIN has become today and I have many lifelong friends who attended our Get2Gethers and events around the country.

Many years ago, as discussion boards fell out of fashion we closed the forum and shifted conversation to Facebook. On reflection it was a little lazy as that’s not the right platform and I feel that we lost the sense of community we once had outside of our annual events.

As we look to refocus in 2022, I’m pleased to say we’ve created a new community on Guild. A platform that was created by eConsultancy founder Ashley Friedlein to serve B2B communities and we think it does an exceptional job.

Collaborative problem solving and support

The knowledge we have within our industry and the willingness of the community to help their peers is something that should make us proud. Our new community already boasts 250+ pioneers of Affiliate & Performance Marketing from around the world.

The group has a no-nonsense approach to self-promotion and everyone is expected to post transparently.


Access to the community is free, and what’s more we pay for it so it’s also ad free. We also like it better than slack as it encourages more meaningful and in-depth conversation.

To join, you’ll need to be a member of PerformanceIN and you’ll be provided with a unique link to join the community via email or you can visit this page (once signed in)

I look forward to seeing you in the group!