Buzzfeed’s new shopping hub, known as Shopping+, has been designed with the aim to stay up to date with readers’ ever-changing shopping habits.

During the pandemic, many publishers rose to the challenge of developing affiliate e-commerce strategies. The latest to follow this is Buzzfeed. However, the site is no stranger to e-commerce – it has been a part of the strategy for a long time.

In order to embrace the development of tech within the e-commerce and particularly the affiliate marketing space, Shopping+ has been designed to put functionality first, which will in turn encourage users to make purchases through the publisher.

In 2021, Buzzfeed made its way into livestream shopping, for example on Amazon Prime Day in June. The publisher hosted a livestream which lasted for 16 hours, generating over one million views. They have now gone further with the new shopping hub.

The frictionless shopping experience which is now present with so many publishers is a clear sign of the future. Will publishers continue to alter their mindset and begin to think more like retailers? We can only wait and see…